Treatment of binocular vision disorders and amblyopia (lazy eye)

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1. Scope of medical apps   (hereinafter — the product) for the training and rehabilitation of disorders of binocular (including stereoscopic) and monocular vision (with strabismus and amblyopia), the prevention of these disorders in healthy individuals, as well as As developing apps for the stimulation of sensory-motor mechanisms and improve coordination and logical thinking in children of preschool and school age.
2. It is used in the home, health care and specialized institutions.
3. The principle of therapeutic products based on the effects of the division of the fields of stereo glasses. The object of observation represented as a dynamic app's situation on the screen. The colors correspond to the colors of objects app filters glasses, with objects seen with one eye are invisible to others. Therefore, the decision of the app's problem is possible only while distinguishing all objects app that includes gameplay both eyes of the patient, training and restoring binocular vision disorders and improving visual acuity in amblyopia (lazy eye). Additional stimulation of the visual analyzer is achieved by a flickering object app with an optimal frequency. The use of PC keyboard, include the process of training an additional motor-sensory functionality of the patient, methods of increasing the efficiency of exercise.
4. In the treatment of amblyopia stereo glasses  are not needed. If necessary, the patient uses glasses, correcting the existing refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism). At the same time, well-seeing eye must be closed (direct permanent occlusion) for the entire period of treatment. Increasing acuity monitors doctor — ophthalmologist, observe the patient. Upon reaching acuity sufficient to exercise binocular vision (the patient with glasses — light filters should each eye to distinguish between all the objects of the app), with a symmetrical position of the eyes, use glasses — color filters, both eyes open. Having a difference in visual acuity leveled by the «penalization» (special optical correction, appointed ophthalmologist) or «misting», using a thin plastic film or soap, which lubricates the glass corrective glasses, fits better seeing eye (water-wet polyethylene film is easily fixed on the glass corrective points). The degree of «fogging» is visually determined, and the patient should have a good app's distinguish objects with both eyes.
5. Studies in leading honey. institutions RB clinical trials have shown high efficacy methods (after 10 treatment sessions in amblyopia visual acuity improved by an average of 0,11 ± 0.01; fusional reserves widened by an average of 6,5 ± 0,73 prism diopters).
The recommended time of one session of the app for preschool children is not more than 10 min., For pupils no more than 15 minutes.
Absolute contraindications are absent.
A relative contraindication to the use of the product is the presence of the patient's malignant disease and epilepsy.

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